Hello World <3 <3 <3

I’m David, an engineering student based in Berlin. I love tinkering with AI/reinforcement learning algorithms. Apart from playing with deep learning algorithms, I like learning all kinds of new things. For quite some time many of them were about learning about how I can improve my coding skills. The culture around open source and some software development in general (okay maybe not .NET ;)feels much closer to my ideas about communication and community than the industry around mechanical engineering. This is why I’m excited about hopefully making the transition from mechanical engineering to being a developer after my graduation next spring.

Besides that I care about politics, especially about matters concerning gender and identity. That’s why I’m constantly switching between male and female pronouns on this blog even though I’m wondering more and more if I should just use gender neutral pronouns instead. I’m also pro choice deal with it!

Music of all kinds is also an important part of my life. I’m discovering something new every week (: Besides exploring the music of others making music myself occasionally even recording it pretty much never fails to raise my spirits.

Also I want to share this small video I recently discovered. Why? Because I like it and I think it’s worth spreading: